A Brief Introduction of the School

Mothers' International Academy is functioning in madhupur which is economically not a sound area and a large volume of population are from lower middle class section which still thinks that providing good education to their children is not in their reach, keeping this reality in mind and making it the core agenda, our trust members came out with an luminary idea to start a school which can make people believe in education and its powerfull effect of transforming life and living standard.

The school is solely dedicated to impart the students all the noble qualities like discipline. senses of brotherhood, patriotism and loyality to our society. The school aims to assist in educational development for each and every section of people. We hanker after to create our students in such a manner that they can prove themselves efficient for the development of our nation and the whole mankind.

The School represents many kinds of artistic and extra curricular activities. A large play ground provides a nice scope for all kinds of outdoor games like football, cricket, Badminton, Volley-ball, Kho-Kho etc.
In order to develope a sense of devotion and spiritualism, a high level yoga trainer regulary train yoga to the students, besides dance, drama, painting, cultural activities, recitation etc are frequently appreciated.

About Us

Mothers' International Academy resides in the green lap of nature, having a very peacefull environment which is completely adorned with ultramodern scientific education. The school has an easy approach as it is situated in the heart of the city, well connected with the rails and roads.


To impart education to the students from all section of society with affordable fee. To spread the leadership quality among the students to hold good positions in the society for providing dedication and selfless services for the mankind. To create an awareness among parents for their better retention and to take personal care of the students to excel in their career with an expertise in modern technology and social acceptance.


To provide good infrastructure facility for smooth running of teaching-learning practices. Trained human resources with modern technology to keep themselves up-dated for the future generation. Will allow faculty members to acquire more knowledge through research activities and to conduct more seminars and workshop and give scope to the students to take participation to build their exposure.